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The W E Alexander Open is the Club’s annual prestige event which is contended by the state’s and district’s leading amateurs. The event is a State Vardon Event is named for Mr W E Alexander, a long-time distinguished President. Mr Alexander was President from 1927 to 1951.

Some of this country’s most outstanding golfers have competed in and won this tournament. They include: Peter O’Malley, Lucas Parsons, L Wooodward, Leigh McKechnie, Nathan Green and Col Johnston to name but a few.

Tournament History

The W E Alexander Open at Waratah Golf Club started as a 2 day 36 hole event in 1952 as a Pro Am contest for local club professionals and leading NSW amateurs.

It is named in honour of W E (Bill) Alexander, who served as WGC President from 1927 to 1951.

The first 3 winners were Bill Shephard in 1952, Sid Cowling in 1953 and Col Johnston in 1954. Col, former WGC junior and Pro Shop trainee, has been the champion on no less than 8 occasions.

From the early 1960’s until 1998 the Alexander Open was expanded to also include professionals from outside the local area. Many leading players were victorious over this period. Some noted winners were Ken Johnston, Ray Carlin, Len Woodward, Peter O’Malley, Lucas Parsons, Kurt Linde and Paul Sheehan. Former WGC juniors Leigh McKechnie (won 3 times) and Nathan Green (won 4 times) dominated the event from 1989 to 1998. Since 1999 the event has been a 54 hole contest, over 3 days, with the field being restricted to amateurs only. In 2009 the event reverted to a 36 hole format.


2017 Concept BSG W E Alexander Winner Blake Windred with WGC Patron Col Johnston. The Master and The Apprentice Col has won 8 and Blake 3. WEAs.

Previous Winners

1952W S Shephard1977C Johnston2002L Bates
1953S Cowling1978B Boyle2003A McKenzie
1954C Johnston1979B Boyle/G Tozer2004M Brown
1955H C Pilcher1980R Carlin2005R Blizzard
1956R Stockwell1981R Carlin2006R Blizzard
1957C Johnston1982R Carlin2007G Scott
1958B Baker1983C Parker2008B Smith
1959C Johnston1984J Parker2009B Smith
1960K Johnston1985P O’Malley2010B Smith
1961C Johnston1986R Payne2011M Ellison
1962C Johnston1987N Bell2012D Papadatos
1963C Johnston1988P Payne2013B Windred
1964K Hughes1989L McKechnie2014D Brandt‐Richards
1965K Hughes1990L Parsons2015M Lister
1966P Bennett1991L McKechnie2016B Windred
1967F Belle1992L McKechnie2017B Windred
1968T Mangan1993N Green2018B Windred
1969T Mangan1994K Linde2019Corey Lamb
1970K Johnston1995P Sheehan2020Luke Ferrier
1971K Johnston/B Boyle1996N Green
1972C Johnston/P Turner1997N Green
1973L Woodward1998N Green
1974P Mangelsdorf1999N Goodchild
1975J Munro2000A Price
1976L Oliver2001C Campbell
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