The representation of our scorecard below shows the length, par and index of each hole. Print a "reference" copy.

Waratah Golf Club has two distinct score cards. One scorecard is for men's competitions and general play and one for ladies competitions and general play. The par (ACR) rating for men is 71 while the ladies par (ACR) rating is 74.


(To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and Temporary Rules)

Out of Bounds: All areas beyond club boundary fences, the line of white and black posts, the creek bordering the course. Alternative out of bounds and lost ball local rule applies, ball may be dropped in the area between the point where the ball is estimated to have come to rest or gone out of bounds and the edge of the fairway of the hole being played that is not nearer the hole. 2 stroke penalty applies (now playing 4th shot if first shot was OOB).

Ground under Repair: Bare patches and tree roots on fairways only. Areas defined by white stakes/lines, except in a penalty area. Artificial surfaces, gardens and mulch gardens containing white stakes, staked trees, exposed geo-textile in bunkers, and grass or soiled filled irrigation trenches. Roads, paths, and bare shoulders of paths. Material piles and any damaged area. Wheel marks or damaged areas made by mower, tractor, golf cart or motor vehicle. Machinery shed and surrounds, Drains crossing 7th, 8th and 13th fairways (fairway only).

Immovable Obstructions: All stakes defining penalty areas, GUR and staked trees. Fixed sprinkler heads, distance plates, posts, screen fences. Swing and stance relief applies under rule 16.1. Relief may be taken under rule 16.1b if a fixed sprinkler head is on the line of play within two club lengths of the putting green and within two club lengths of the ball.

Power Lines: If a ball strikes a power line and/or pole located inbounds, the ball must be replayed without penalty.

Penalty Areas: Red or yellow stakes/lines define penalty areas. 

Embedded Ball: Relief from an embedded ball through the green may be taken under rule 16.3.

Lightning: If an electrical storm approaches and players are concerned for their safety, play should cease, position of the ball marked, and players should take cover until the storm has passed.

Measuring Devices: May be used to measure distance only.

Coloured Distance Posts/Markers: Are measured to centre of greens: Blue – 200m, White – 150m, Yellow – 100m, Red – 50m

Course Markers 
Red - Lateral Hazard
Yellow - Water Ha
White - Ground Under Repair (G.U.R.)
Black and White Stakes - Out of Bounds
Treated Pine Posts with White Tops - 150m to Centre of the Green.
Treated Pine Posts with Yellow Tops - 100m to Centre of the Green.
White metal fairway markers with BLACK numbering are either 200m, 150m, 100m or 50m as marked and are to the Centre of the Green.