Juniors Clinics

Structured junior golf programs for all ages right through to 17 years

Juniors progression path

Junior Clinics

6-12 years

FUN, simple, skill orientated sessions with some fundamental movement skills. 

When: 8:30am Sundays

Cost: $150

Duration: School term


These clinics are for juniors that are new to the game between the ages of 13-17 OR our rookies that have been through our Learn to golf (6-12yrs) program.

When: Sunday 10-10.45am

Duration: School Term

Cost: $150 



Junior Members

Juniors who have an official handicap are eligible to play in the members 18 holes competitions. Sunday competitions have a designated time slot for juniors. 

When: From 11am Sundays

Information for Parents

  • We supply equipment for all "Learn to Golf" clinics. We supply some sets for kids to assist them commence in the "Let's Play Golf" program. Cadets and Junior members will need their own equipment. Our pro's can guide you with this and ensure you get suitable equipment for your child at the best value for money.
  • Praise achievement but do not be critical or instructive. Make sure your child knows you are proud of their great shot, round and attitude.
    Let the coaches coach. Coaching and instruction from parents as well as coaches can confuse the child and has little positive impact.
  • Make car rides positive. Let your child know that you are their biggest supporter and that you will be there for them whether they win, lose, play well, or make mistakes.
  • Improvement is not linear. Expect your child to take two steps forwards and one step back as they progress. Golf can already be a difficult game, now imagine you are constantly physically growing and the ball is now further away.
  • Focus on process and effort, not results. Your priority should be that your child feels good about themselves and are happy so they are motivated to play again tomorrow