The Board

The Board of Waratah Golf Club are the officially elected officials of Waratah Golf Club. The composition of the Board shall be The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Captain, Vice-Captain and four other board members. The members of the Board shall be elected bi-annually and will hold office until the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting.

If you would like to contact a member of the Board you can send email using the form below.

Emails of a slanderous or vindictive nature will be treated as inappropriate and action may be taken up to and including legal action.

Current Board

  • President: Peter Dyer
  • Vice-President: Sue Oakey
  • Captain: Greg Coughlan
  • Vice-Captain: Michael St Vincent
  • Treasurer: Robert Allen
  • Director: Barry Lalonde
  • Director: Loraine Smith
  • Director: Jim Eckford
  • Director: Stewart Knight

Contact The Board

Board Contact



  • Robert Allen - Chairperson
  • Peter Dyer
  • Jim Eckford


  • Greg Coughlan - Chairperson
  • Peter Dyer (ex-officio)
  • Barry Lalonde
  • Michael St Vincent
  • Maureen Dyer


  • Sue Oakey - Chairperson
  • Loraine Smith
  • Robert Allen
  • Jonathan Towns
  • Donna Drake
  • Jenny Quist
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