“Match Committee” means the Match Committee of Waratah Golf Club Ltd.

“Recognised Golf Club” means a Golf Club affiliated with Golf NSW Ltd, or the governing bodies of other States of Australia or overseas countries.

“Event” means the Waratah Cup.


  1. The Match Committee shall have the power to vary these conditions and to decide any dispute or question arising as to the qualifications of any entrant and may, at its absolute discretion at any time and without assigning any reason there, to refuse any entrant or declare any entrant ineligible to compete.
  2. Play will be in accordance with the Rules of Golf together with such Local Rules as approved by the Match Committee.
  3. The members of the Match Committee present during the playing of the Event may exercise all the functions of the Match Committee in relation to the Event and shall constitute the Match Committee within the meaning of the Rules of Golf for the purpose of the conduct of the Event.
  4. The decision of the Match Committee shall be final in all matters relating to the Event.
  5. The Waratah Cup is a blue tee Stroke competition for 12 markers and below and waratah cup stableford competition is for 13 markers and above. Events in conjunction are open to Amateur Golfers who are members of Recognised Golf Clubs and who hold a Golf Australia handicap.
    Note: Long Drive, NTP Events are also conducted.
  6. Golf Australia Approved Golf Ball is compulsory, penalty for default is disqualification.
  7. Starting times will be displayed in the Waratah Golf Club and on its website on the Wednesday prior to the event waratahgolfclub.com.au
  8. Any competitors who are not on the tee ready to start at their appointed time may be disqualified in accordance with Rule 6.7.
  9. In the event of a tie in the Waratah Cup and the Stableford event, the winner will be determined by a countback determined by the Match Committee.
  10. No player may win more than one trophy over the Event, excluding novelty events and Course Record Trophy.
  11. The Course Record has been set by Justin Ely & Nathan Green at 64.
  12. In the event of oversubscription of entries, a Ballot will be held based upon handicap.
  13. Waratah cup entrants may have the use of motorised golf carts. This use will not exclude any person from scratch or nett eligibility.
  14. Approved distance measuring devices may be used.


Match Committee