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Golf Special


The Monday and Tuesday Golfing Special has changed.

Waratah Golf Club now offers visitors to our Club on a Monday and Tuesday a round of golf and a free drink from the bar (conditions apply) all for the low price of $24.00. This is $7.00 less than the normal visitor rate. more...

Waratah Golf Club Professional Shop

On the 6th of April 2010 Waratah Golf Club took over the running of its Proshop.

Shortly thereafter the Club appointed a new Club Professional, Scott Davis. Scott joined us from Charlestown Golf Club and has an excellent reputation throughout the golfing world.

Along with appointing Scott as the new Club Professional the Board made several changes to the way the professional services were represented to our members and visitors. This is an ongoing evolution and we invite you to come and look around the proshop and see what Scott and Waratah Golf Club have to offer.

The proshop offers a wide range of clubs and golfing accessories that suits all levels of players. We have the latest teaching aids including Flightscope, a computerised 3D ball tracking system. We also have a custom fitting cart were we can fit you out with set or even a single club to suit your needs.

Scott is ably assisted by a team of dedicated staff. All our staff have a passion for golf that is reflected in their professionalism and dedication to making your golfing experience the best it can be.

Come and visit our proshop, talk to our staff and we are sure you go away with a lasting impression on how good Waratah Golf Club proshop is.

Visit our other web pages for all the details on our staff, coaching and equipment.