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Golf Special


The Monday and Tuesday Golfing Special has changed.

Waratah Golf Club now offers visitors to our Club on a Monday and Tuesday a round of golf and a free drink from the bar (conditions apply) all for the low price of $24.00. This is $7.00 less than the normal visitor rate. more...


FlightscopeTeaching: Waratah Golf Club Proshop is excited to be able to offer its member's access to the new FlightScope © golf swing analysis technology. This new equipment utilies radar waves to break down the intricate individual features of the golf swing. This exposes the teaching professional to all kinds of information that would have previously been difficult and problematic to decipher.

The FlightScope system analyses data from certain swing characteristics such as club head speed, spin rate, launch angle and face angle etc. and produces a digitial image of the player's ball flight. This infomation can then be interpreted by your instructor and used to illustrate and diagnose in an immediate way any issues with your swing. The